Bespoke Printing



Want to order personalise or branded bags? Watch the video to see how we can help you?



"What" and "How" of your custom print order?

Create brand awareness and promote your business by handing out custom made bags, pouches, gift bags.

                                                Custom printed jute bag

Jute Juco or cotton any one you choose they give you amazing range of eco friendly bio degradable products. At Eastern Thread Mill we enhance your buying experience by offering you wide choice of made to order custom bags.

Ways to customize your products:

Dyed: Each product be it shopping bag, corporate briefs, laptop bags, file holders all can be made of dyed materials. You can choose multiple colours. Each panel can be dyed before putting together.

                                                      Dyed jute yarn

Printed: Technology has improved vastly on printing. Various ways of printing are available these days and not only screen printing. Corporate clients often want to print corporate name, logo and a message on the product.

Not only bags all jute product can be printed with name, logo or message.

                                                         Jute rustic door stop

Pricing: Pricing depends on the colour scheme, print, type of product, number of items ordered. We do not have any minimum order quantity. We use various printing technologies based on the order size to give you best output in quickest possible way. Monogram, logo single colour, multi colour, we love to do all. 

Delivery: Small orders within 100 bags can be turned around in 2 weeks. We endeavour to deliver all bulk orders within 4 to 6 weeks from the time the design and specification is agreed. We keep in touch with you updating you with the progress of your order.


                                           Printed jute bag