Reduce Reuse Recycle

It is really strange to think when did we stop to think about reusing an item and started to throw everything away, be it clothes, electronics, packages. I still remember my mum trying to reuse a particular item like a can/tin came with a food product, or a bag she got from a shop. We became so privileged in modern day and age. Buying a new one is more convenient than taking all the effort to save an old one, repairing it, or reusing it. Today we are needing to take the help of legislation to make the electronic companies manufacture products that we can repair and reuse. We started to fight for our “Right to Repair”.

Just think of how immensely useful it will be if we start recycling and reusing everything again. That’s a huge burden off the shoulder of our mother nature. With human population increasing at faster rate than ever before, unless we change our habit now, we will put our future generation in grave danger. Every item we recycle we reduce the need of extracting, refining, processing, thus reducing both water and air pollution and green house gas emission.


So let’s throw away plastics and embrace natural material like jute, let’s start thinking of how we can repair our electronic products, lets decorate our life, those special occasions with biodegradable products.


Together we can make a difference.


               Sustainable resources