Our inspiration for handprinted personalized jute bags

We all know how harmful plastics and synthetics are and I am sure all of us are doing what ever we can to help our mother nature get rid of such nasty substances. Promoting eco friendly, biodegradable jute bag and making them available to all in affordable price is we at Eastern Thread Mill planned to play our part. Unfortunately most of the jute bags available in the market are very bland. Yes they are functional, but if you are one of those who care about what you are taking, like bit of colour and fun on everything, then plain jute bags would not be of your taste.


To cater such fun loving, fashion conscious market, Eastern Thread Mill has introduced hand printed, hand painted personalised jute bags where imagination holds no bound. No more cartooned character prints which at the moment are your best option. We are bringing something different. On medium jute bags we have brought bit of nature to reflect lovely spring and summer. Our butterfly print with name has been appreciated already by many. Personalised gift bags are also proving to be very popular.


We are adding new designs on regular basis so you find something new each time you visit our website. Also do not forget to like us in facebook and receive regular discount codes and offers.


                                          Personalised jute gift bag